Sl. No. Title-Description of the Books Your
Contribution (Rs.)
1 Electrical Design of Medium Voltage Bus Bars / Connections / Duct. 500
2 Guidelines on Electrical Installations for Practicing Contractors
(Revised Edition)
3 CEIG - Extra High-High Voltage Electrical Installations-Indian Electricity Rules Pre-commissioning Texts of Electrical Apparatus And Equipments 350
4 (1) Installation of Captive generator (2) Electricity H.V. & M.V. Installation Proposals (3) Precautionary Measures to be taken in design & Installation of building services including Electrical Services (4) The Indian Standard Specification 200
5 Self Certification Procedure 150
6 1. Allowable Current Density in Bus Bar Installations
2. Electricity-Details on Implementation of renewable Energy Devices
3. Electricity-Electrical Inspectorate service Rendered by Inspectorate scale of fees
4. Electricity-Captive Power Plant of Industries and other consent
7 1. Electricity Guidance Notes for New, Extension to Existing or Modification of Electrical Work
2. Indian Electricity Act 1910 & Rules 1956 Statutory Appeal.
8 Abstract - I Electricity-Policy on Captive Power Generation Plant 150
9 Abstract-II Electricity-Electrical Inspectorate Services rendered by Inspectors-Scale of fees- Revised-Orders-Issued. Energy (B1) Dept. 150
10 Electricity - Code of Practice of Earthing (IS-3043-1987) 150
11 T.N. Tax on Consumption or sale of Electricity Act 2003 and Rules made there under. 200
12 Guidelines for Installation of Transformer sub-station oil filled equipment etc. in the Buildings 200
13 Technical Hand Book on Electrical Information 100
14 Indian Electricity Act 2003, Indian Electricity Rules 1956 200
15 Over Voltage Phenomena in a Power Network – An Overview 170
16 A Treatise on Power Quality with a focus on Harmonics 500
Total contribution for One Book set 3900

Note: For full set(16) of Books Amount shall be Rs.3500/-
Packing & Forwarding charges Extra


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New Office Opening Ceremony

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“Grand TNEIEA Members Family Get-together Event 2023-2024”

“Grand TNEIEA Members Family Get-together with Technical Seminar Event 2023-2024” Fern Hill Sterling Resort, Ooty 19nth ,20th and 21st May 2023.

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