The Extraordinary General Body Meeting With Election 2022-2024

24 / 09 / 2022

The Election conducted for the following year 2022-2024 for the new office bearers and the Executive Committee Members President- Mr. S.D. Poongundran Secretary- Mr. V. Rengarajan Treasurer- Mr. . . .

“Energy Conservation Day Celebration” & “Technical Seminar” at 18.12.2021 at Madurai

18 / 12 / 2021

Hotel Fortune Pandian Racecourse, Alagarkoil Road, Madurai -625002 Welcome address by Mr. K. KANNAN, President, TNEIEA ‘A’ Grade Inaugural address by Er. S.Uma Devi, Chief Engineer, TANGEDCO, Madu . . .

Donation to Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund

18 / 05 / 2021

Donation for TNEIEA to Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund – COVID CARE FUND – Rs.5,00,000/- cheque was handed over to Thiru V. Senthilbalaji, Honorable Minister for Electricity, Prohibition a . . .


Extraordinary General Body Meeting along with Elections 2022-2024

AGM conducted on 24.09.2022 the following members were elected by the members of the association. President- Mr. Mr. S.D. Poongundran, M/s Sudhan Power Tech Secretary- Mr. V. Rengarajan, M/s. Shri Vaari Electricals Pvt. Ltd. Treasurer- Mr. Erode G. Kannan, M/s. Southern Electrical System Vice President Mr. G.M. Vishnuram, M/s. Emaar Electricals Mr. JRK Ananda Raman,M/s Shastha Electricals Mr. S. R. Senthil Kumar, M/s Aim Electrical Controls India Pvt. Ltd. Mr. C. Umamuruan, M/s Paowertech Engineers Mr. A.A. Murali, M/s Bestech Electrical Engineering Mr. S. Manivannan, M/s Mani Enginering Mr. S. Kalyanavenkataraman, M/s Sundhar Electrical Pvt. Ltd. Mr. B. Sasi Kumar, M/s Yesar Electrics, Joint Secretary Mr. J. Dhanasekaran, M/s. Victory Electric Mr. N.N. Bharanidharan, M/s. Nataraja Electricals

“Energy Conservation Day Celebration” & “Technical Seminar” 18.12.2021 at Madurai

Hotel Fortune Pandian Racecourse, Alagarkoil Road, Madurai -625002 Technical Seminar by “M/s. Arrow Marketing” “M/s. Havells India Ltd.”